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Aleksi Puustinen (b.1990) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and maker from Helsinki, Finland. Exploring the boundaries between art & functional design. He creates sculptural, playful, yet functional pieces that take hints from the surrounding world, traditional craftsmanship, art, and design.

In his works, he combines different techniques and materials into multidimensional and functional objects and art, which seek to create a dialogue between the object and the user.

”As a maker, I want to create unique and meaningful products with a sustainable approach. In our world, I feel there is an abundance of stuff that is designed either unsustainably or inconsiderately. As a designer, I feel obligated to find new sustainable solutions and make a change. Using waste as a resource fascinates me. The concept of turning trash into something desirable and functional is what I aim for.”

Through experimentation, challenges, and exploring the unknown, he finds new implements for his work.

IG : @alepuu

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